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ClassCalc was built by teachers and students for teachers and students. Its full of awesome functions, yet retains its simplicity as an easy-to-use calculator


It's the 21st century, and we know calculators should not cost more than smartphones. ClassCalc is as cheap as calculators should be.

Test Safe

Use ClassCalc, and only ClassCalc during class. ClassCalc has a unique management layer that allows teachers to temporarily lock students in on their calculator screen, blocking out all distractions and potential cheating hazards such as texting, calling, other apps and the internet. This means students can use ClassCalc in class and on tests.


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The ClassCalc Management Layer

Our management layer strikes a perfect balance of ensuring a 100% safe and fair testing environment, without giving teachers access to or control over student devices.

How? Here's the deal:

  1. Students agree to lock their devices onto ClassCalc, and in exchange, teachers allow students to use ClassCalc in class.
  2. During lockdown, students will not be able to leave ClassCalc, and will not get any notifications, calls, texts or outside distractions.
  3. Lockdown does not give teachers control or access to student devices. The only information they are given is whether the student is in lockdown mode or not.
  4. If a student leaves lockdown in the case of emergency, the teacher will be notified. Students cannot rejoin a test session until the teacher resends an invite.

More information can be found in our ClassCalc Tutorials