Our Team

We’re dedicated to bringing you the best educational tools for the cheapest price. Feel free to reach out!


Daniel Haiem, CEO

“I’m a drummer / math-geek / AP-physics teacher turned entrepreneur with a taste for food, ear for music and deep, deep love for science and education. My philosophy is that education is the highest priority, and should be made cheap and accessible for all.”


Todd Mackey, President & COO

"I’m a father to a son, passionate lifelong learning entrepreneur, all things beach lovin’, volleyball playing, world exploring lover of dark chocolate and BF The Cookie. I believe that Education is the implement of curiosity, provides access to an enriched life for us and those around us, and should be as widely accessible and easily digestible as we can make it."

Rodrigo Borges, Backend Engineer

Rodrigo Borges, Backend Engineer

“I’m a books, cinema and game lover, who also likes to play guitar and basketball when not dabbling with artificial intelligence. In Brazil, education is as painfully expensive and my goal is to drive costs as low as possible using technology.”

Dovrat Yaish, Product Quality

“I’m a dog loving, soccer playing, sweet tooth kind of a woman with a passion for food eternally afflicted with the adventure-hiking-traveling bug. I’ve trained soldiers for the Israeli military and the most important lesson I took away was the value of education.”

Hovhannes Menejyan, VP Eng.

“I love everything computer and math related. This includes programming, thinkering with hardware, playing games and much more. I also love riding bicycles and going for hikes when there are no computers nearby.”

Ming Li, Lead JS Developer

“I’m a chef-since-birth turned computer geek. When I’m not designing apps and algorithms, I’m either cooking weird delicacies, eating said delicacies, reading, or napping"

Yulia Pishchulina, React Developer

"I love to see the results of my work bring real value to people. I enjoy delivering clean code and seeing my team productive and happy. When I'm not nose-deep ini calculator code, I enjoy spending time out with my family, going camping, playing board games, going to the gym and hunting for delicious pastries."

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